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English-Hindi > active agent

active agent meaning in Hindi

active agent sentence in Hindi
• कारक

• ऋणायन-सक्रिय कारक
active    कर्तृवाचक कारक
agent    बिचवई आढ़तिया
1.So far, only nine active agents are selling tickets, " said Hashim.

2.Her women were not passive, but active agents of their love lives.

3.Nowadays, though,-ee nouns have secretly become active agents, performing their own actions.

4.Demonstration of suspected active agents can be done by confirmation of Koch's postulates.

5.The group decided to call the chemicals " hormonally active agents, " instead.

6.Jones became an active agent in the Underground Railroad in 1851.

7.Testosterone, however, is not the active agent within these organs.

8.By 1893, B�chner s was fully involved in seeking the active agent of fermentation.

9.Unlike the related Differential Prediction concept in psychology, Uplift Modelling assumes an active agent.

10.The amine fluorides are thus available as an active agent for a longer period.

chemical agent capable of activity
Synonyms: active,

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