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activeness sentence in Hindi

"activeness" meaning in Hindi
  • Technology has a large factor on the children's activeness.
  • We were wonderful in terms of our hands, our activeness, and our deflections.
  • If you can get a body on him and hurt his activeness, you can contain him.
  • As a result of his activeness, he acquired followers in Kashan and other central Persian areas.
  • They were chosen based on their activeness and held in high esteem that their decisions remain final.
  • He had incorporated the picture of a tiger in the logo to symbolise activeness, patience and strength.
  • A program is considered activeness-safe if no updated function exists on the call stack at update time.
  • At this age, his activeness and vigor towards work has made him an icon among the younger politicians.
  • She uses her platform and influence in order to promote and inspire body positivity, healthiness, and activeness.
  • A person that may fall into the extravert category can display characteristics such as impulsiveness, sociability, and activeness.
  • This vision involves enhancing-Representation & Engagement, Activeness, Recognition, Knowledge Platform and Being Vocal & Present.
  • He characterizes himself by his activeness ( a continuous reminder of his physical state ) and identity as an art enthusiast and writer.
  • One key signal is to measure the government's decisiveness, pro-activeness and aggressiveness in accepting the pain of any restructuring.
  • Their aim was to create a movement which would promote Islamic values and ethics, and which would become an instrument for political activeness.
  • Low negative affectivity is characterized by frequent states of calmness and serenity, along with states of confidence, activeness, and great enthusiasm.
  • Since its establishment, numerous activists of YCSU Young Democrats were arrested and imprisoned by Belarus police and KGB because of their political activeness.
  • As for the others, there is a sluggishness and lack of movement to them that stands in odd counterpoint to the activeness of the walls.
  • Ahmad Adwani and the other deejays have so far been well-behaved anyway, chatting casually about everyday news headlines and shunning hyper-activeness.
  • The success is further boosted by their activeness as moderators on Eins Live-TV and by being the Co-host on Viva-Clubrotation.
  • Given my level of activeness, especially in sometimes contentious areas like AFD, it's unsurprising that I have my fair share of critics.
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