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English-Hindi > acumens

acumens meaning in Hindi

acumens sentence in Hindi
1.Some cite Jones'brilliant business acumen, which is obvious.

2.His acumen was known in Omaha but little outside the city.

3.We are willing to vouch for Wilson's coaching acumen.

4.Robin Hood's business acumen flashes like a gold Rolex.

5.But Dorr does not let agrarian sentimentality befuddle his business acumen.

6.I have a new respect for curatorial acumen and curatorial commitment.

7.Answer : First of all, congratulations on your investment acumen.

8.Luckman brought to architecture his business acumen and flair for showmanship.

9.He seems to reflect his readership's acumen regarding hockey.

10.It took every bit of Jimy Williams's managerial acumen.

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