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English-Hindi > adamance

adamance meaning in Hindi

adamance sentence in Hindi
• अटलता
• सुदृढ़ता
1.John refuses, using his new found powers to express his adamance, and Henri relents.

2.He explained the rule with such alacrity and adamance that you had to believe Cris Collinsworth was correct.

3.The article went on to say that the commercial failure was a result of Duffy's adamance " [ the album ] was released before Christmas ".

4.Nehru's adamance that China withdraw from Aksai Chin and thus abandon the highway was seen as further Indian attempts to undermine China's presence in Tibet.

5.The Uberhero and the Trifecta traverse the lairs of the Seven Archfiends, namely, Valor, Purity, Justice, Earnestness, Restraint, Adamance and Tolerance, with bosses Accursed Dodonga, Gaeen, Kanogias, Shookle, Cioking, Dettankarmen and Arch Pandara.

6.Christopher Martin-Jenkins, chief cricket correspondent for " The Times " in the United Kingdom defended the " righteous indignation of India's players " and suggested that the BCCI's adamance to give the issue the necessary publicity has been better for the game.

7.When Mirza Kishan Singh Joseph shows his adamance of not leaving the  haveli and asks them to get out, HIV then gets introduced by Masala ( Raajpal Yadav ) to Aashiq Ali Advocate ( Sanjay Mishra ) and Teeli Bhai ( Razak Khan ) who gives them tips and tricks in order to get back their property.

8.When Brassai took his camera out into the Paris night, he was reveling in the humanity _ not the alienation _ of the whores, thieves and gay demimonde he photographed : the naked brothel staff with dimpled bodies whose shapes remind you of Babe Ruth, the lurking darkness beneath bridges, the cafe girl with spit curls and a bad tooth lolling heavy-lidded between two sailors, the quarreling lovers in their adamance and sulk, the two thugs of the sort who robbed and beat Brassai during his nighttime investigations.

9.Some counter arguments : it detracts from the page ( I don't really think so, nor do I see how a few lines at the top of a page really changes anything ); it attracts vandalism ( I doubt it'd attract a significant amount more given the vast number of articles { decorated or general }, and it'd equally attract people who'd make the article better-- either out of an adamance to improve what is already considered great or out of a vandal-esque drive to demean a good article by showing it still has flaws ); it could just be left on the talk page ( but that undermines the aforesaid reasons for putting it on the article page in the first place !, not to mention the fact that one has to almost intuitively know to look on the talk page to confirm suspicions about an articles respectability .)

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