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English-Hindi > addlehead

addlehead meaning in Hindi

addlehead sentence in Hindi
1.These include " a dirty-faced child ", [ Dandelions, 39 ] a " chinless creature with slack stockings ", [ 39 ] and " a baby with a big head and a chalk-white face who didn't look as though it was for this world long . " [ 39 ] All " her ever thinks about is her belly, she would eat a raw monkey if there was any chance . " [ 41 ] In a long poem, he describes lots of people one might encounter in a dole office : " the wives of unemployed window cleaners, threadbare dandies, part-time tatooists, ex-bin men with double ruptures, alcoholic chefs, addleheads, pinheads, honest clerks, and loud-mouthed shitheads, with hanging trouser arses, flyboys and water-headed idiots led by their mothers, and reasonable men, genuine victims with polished shoes . " [ 44 ] Also a man who helps poor people make claims : " a master of claims and benefits, a poor man's lawyer in fact ", [ 57 ] helping " a poverty-stricken illiterate ", [ 57 ] and " men who have put their hopes on horses-men that have lived beyond their women, and those who were always too ill-shaped to love, and so loved drink . . . and laughing men, who have boozed their dead wives club money, and those that sleep late and stand waiting for opening time ", [ 58 ] for " drinking men often die lonely deaths, those who have forsaken women and have died in their camaraderie of booze . " [ 64 ] As opposed to those " dutiful husbands who have faced up to their responsibilities and not drunk every penny they could get their hands on . " [ 64 ] He describes " an old man in a gate hole spits into the cobbled backs and watches a young woman with a fat behind, pinning washing out, in a pair of slacks . " [ 65 ] He describes a pub regular called Bernard who " has a small stomach and has difficulty in polishing off a bag of crisps at one go ", [ 67 ] Love, Berry suggests, " is also often held in silence and sometimes you don't know it's been there till it's gone . " [ 86]

a person with confused ideas; incapable of serious thought
Synonyms: addle-head, loon, birdbrain,

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