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adversest sentence in Hindi

"adversest" meaning in Hindiadversest in a sentence
  • They shot in adverse conditions that frequently resembled a war zone.
  • Barry concluded that many serious adverse reactions were dose-related.
  • None of the adverse reactions cited are new, Spoon says.
  • The resolution of these matters could have a materially adverse impact.
  • Let adverse facts stand in the way of a good decision.
  • They have responsibility for that customer, even under adverse conditions.
  • Tell the doctor about any previous adverse reactions to an antibiotic.
  • That would be very adverse, to not get the win.
  • "I'm not adverse to speaking my mind.
  • Other big Burnett clients had no adverse reactions to the upheaval.
  • There is no room to absorb budgetary slippage or adverse events.
  • The situation might " have an adverse effect,"
  • But the INS, evidently fearing adverse publicity, thought again.
  • Adverse reaction to parasites include pain that mimics appendicitis and ulcers.
  • No one is sure yet how often these adverse effects develop.
  • The fundamental question is how adverse the international scenario will remain.
  • The doctors also say they have seen no adverse side effects.
  • _Appeals of adverse managed care decisions to external independent reviewers.
  • West left on his own terms, but under adverse conditions.
  • No effect on related environmental values is more adverse than obliteration.
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