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English-Hindi > aegean island

aegean island meaning in Hindi

aegean island sentence in Hindi
ईजियन द्वीप
aegean    ईजियन इजीयन ईजियन
island    अजीरा चबूतरा टापू
1.A strong earthquake Monday shook the eastern Aegean island of Rhodes.

2.He sacked Athens and quickly moved on to the Aegean Islands.

3.Eretria controlled the Aegean islands of Andros, Tenos and Ceos.

4.Many KKE members were imprisoned or exiled on isolated Aegean islands.

5.Rome's ally Rhodes gained control of the Aegean islands.

6.The Milos wall lizard inhabits a few Aegean islands in Greece.

7.Greece worries that Turkey plots to grab some of its Aegean islands.

8.The Roving Feast : Aegean Island-hopping for canned spaghetti

9.A strong earthquake on Monday shook the eastern Aegean island of Rhodes.

10.They visited Athens, Delphi, and many of the Aegean Islands.

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