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English-Hindi > aegina

aegina meaning in Hindi

aegina sentence in Hindi
1.It was not clear why the boat ended up in Aegina.

2.Agistri is very close to the larger Saronic island of Aegina.

3.So Aegina offered many sacrifices of unsuspecting goats to appease Eros.

4.In the 431 BC Greeks from Aegina had colonised the city.

5.The mosaic decorated the floor of the Jewish synagogue of Aegina.

6.Ecological Week in Aegina was held in Aegina for 2 years.

7.Ecological Week in Aegina was held in Aegina for 2 years.

8.It is possible that Pindar spent much of this time at Aegina.

9.The two kings successfully captured the Persian collaborators in Aegina.

10.The Spartans then sent Teleutias to Aegina to command the fleet there.

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