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aerator sentence in Hindi

"aerator" meaning in Hindiaerator in a sentence
  • Older aerators often have flow rates as high as 8 gallons.
  • Most paddlewheel aerators are electric, but some are wind powered.
  • There are a number of different types of single glass aerators.
  • Floating surface aerators are also powered by on-shore electricity.
  • Hundreds of fish died with many experiencing aerator in an aquarium.
  • Aerators are screens that attach to the ends of faucets.
  • Remove an existing aerator by unscrewing it with channel-locking pliers.
  • Many have an aerator, but some have flow regulators.
  • Surface aerators may be fixed to a post or mounted on floats.
  • You may have seen aerator shoes at garden centers or in catalogs.
  • A dirty aerator ( the shower head ) could be the cause.
  • They believe that an aerator machine could have pierced them.
  • An aerator spreads the water flow into many small droplets.
  • It has two parts, the pump and the aerator.
  • Stabilization ponds, as described here, use no aerators.
  • This control system can also control de-aerator pumps and controls.
  • Q Why are there aerators on home water faucets?
  • There are basically three types of aerators : surface, diffusion and paddlewheel.
  • Filters and aerators can collect a lot of bacteria.
  • Available for purchase is a screw-on aerator.
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