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English-Hindi > aerofoil

aerofoil meaning in Hindi

aerofoil sentence in Hindi
1.An aerofoil with a reflexed camber line is shown at right.

2.The " kite motors " of Dave Santos utilize aerofoil instabilities.

3.The old G�ttingen aerofoil was replaced with a newer NACA pair.

4.This creates an aerofoil enabling them to glide 50 metres or more.

5.Many flexible ribs are needed to hold its aerofoil shape.

6.Aerofoil shaped ribs were then slipped around the box and fabric covered.

7.As well, the aerofoil had a reflex trailing edge.

8.:: Take a look at this aerofoil diagram.

9.A fully open hydraulically-controlled, partially automatic, adjustable aerofoil wings.

10.The Aerofoil Boat was built using glassfibre sandwiches with foam or tube cores.

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a device that provides reactive force when in motion relative to the surrounding air; can lift or control a plane in flight
Synonyms: airfoil, control surface, surface,

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