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English-Hindi > aesthetes

aesthetes meaning in Hindi

aesthetes sentence in Hindi
• सौन्दर्य-संवेदी
• सौन्दर्यवादी
• सौन्दर्योपासक
1.It is an easy life, the life of the aesthete.

2.Monty is a melodramatic aesthete and Marwood realizes he is homosexual.

3.Inventive he may be, but Kalunde is no aesthete.

4.Have the Nuyoricans, those anti-establishment aesthetes, sold out?

5.Leonardo's design pleases aesthetes as much as engineers.

6.A fundamental characteristic of the aesthete is " immediacy ".

7.But they are really mere conservatives, masquerading only as aesthetes ".

8.Now, the practical man is no eggheaded aesthete.

9.The aesthete doesn't see it that way.

10.Clara Schumann had long been the more conservative aesthete in the Schumann marriage.

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