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airing sentence in Hindi

"airing" meaning in Hindi
  • Consider some of the ads that will begin airing next week:
  • Airing commercials on local TV would have been expensive and scattershot.
  • Berkeley High kids aren't shy about airing their opinions.
  • It airs stuff that needs airing, leaving us less alone.
  • Instead of of just airing it out like I usually do,
  • The panel is airing the plan at hearings today and tomorrow.
  • Last Friday, Fox started airing a " Goosebumps"
  • It's just that ACOG never gave them an airing.
  • But by last spring, the tenants were airing their complaints.
  • He is airing radio spots bemoaning the factory closings and NAFTA.
  • "Vibe " will stop airing Sept . 11.
  • Maybe it's a philosophical debate worth airing, though.
  • The Rev . Moore was airing a noxious mix of grievances.
  • The cleanup effort can only profit from a full public airing.
  • It was buried in a huge bill without a full airing.
  • Members of Congress are hardly the only passengers airing their problems.
  • In Atlanta, three stations are already airing some HDTV content.
  • Critics say TV performs a public disservice by airing the chases.
  • Kimball wasn't shy about airing the Hensley family laundry.
  • The debate, airing taboo subjects, was useful in itself.
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