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airs sentence in Hindi

"airs" meaning in Hindiairs in a sentence
  • If Rothenberg loses, it would be up in the air.
  • Now he doesn't do any air-conditioner work.
  • Towers said, using an air hose to clean himself up.
  • Air pollution from garden machinery can be reduced in two ways.
  • Would have exempted large bakery ovens from state air pollution laws.
  • The Germans are almost knocked senseless by the massive air assault.
  • The air is thick with lobbying efforts to tinker with it.
  • The company said it would pay the passengers'air fares.
  • Sooner or later, all cars with air conditioning lose refrigerant.
  • But American officials had insisted that the air drops were practical.
  • "Romper Room " is going off the air.
  • In the air and dusted the earth with ashes . ..
  • They started shooting their guns and everything up in the air.
  • It also needs flexibility from state and federal air pollution regulators.
  • Simmons batted the ball into the air and caught it himself.
  • These accompany dresses or skirts and have a neat businesslike air.
  • Pataki said, his hands bobbing in the air before him.
  • C . Driving the Knicks / Rockets game off the air.
  • "Pete's got this certain air about him.
  • They were " Fresh Prince of Bel Air,"
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