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airspeed sentence in Hindi

"airspeed" meaning in Hindiairspeed in a sentence
  • Pilot : Both of them ( airspeed indicators ) are wrong.
  • Pull the airspeed ( reduce speed ), we will see.
  • The ports monitor air pressure and help track altitude and airspeed.
  • The airspeed will usually decrease slightly as a result of this.
  • The aircraft was below the glideslope and below the desired airspeed.
  • This error in indicated altitude and airspeed is called position error.
  • As the aircraft descended to above ATL, its airspeed dropped.
  • The Fw 190 was on its back, with little airspeed.
  • The 757 has three airspeed indicators, each with a separate display.
  • We kept that interval steady by flying at precise airspeeds.
  • He increased airspeed to 110 mph and soon saw the English coast.
  • As airspeed increases, the system allows less and less rudder movement.
  • Roman said the robot would be used to recover the airspeed indicators.
  • He's having a hard time maintaining his airspeed.
  • Launching a glider gives it the initial forward airspeed to start flying.
  • So the aero engine project was abandoned in 1936, see Airspeed.
  • Airspeed's most productive period was during the Second World War.
  • Stalls depend only on angle of attack, not airspeed.
  • Some airspeed indicators incorporate a slide rule mechanism to perform this calculation.
  • Thrust varies with throttle setting, airspeed, altitude and air temperature.
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