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English-Hindi > alar

alar meaning in Hindi

alar sentence in Hindi
1.He cited the 1989 Alar apple scare in Washington state.

2.Lab mice got cancer when given high doses of Alar.

3.But the Alar incident was used to make an entirely different point.

4.Q . How did the Alar issue mobilize the mothers you knew?

5.Actress Meryl Streep held press conferences to denounce Alar.

6.Alar's maker, Uniroyal, pulled it from the market permanently.

7.The alar scare was eventually found to be spurious.

8.The alar plate and the basal plate are separated by the sulcus limitans.

9.The anal vein does not reach the alar margin.

10.Laterally of this are a pair of alar folds.

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of or relating to the axil
Synonyms: axillary,

having or resembling wings
Synonyms: alary, aliform, wing-shaped,

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