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English-Hindi > alighting

alighting meaning in Hindi

alighting sentence in Hindi
1.The beguiling insects are also alighting on a variety of accessories.

2.All Metro Rapid buses are CNG buses for faster boarding and alighting.

3.Civilian Fare Inspectors also conduct ticket checks, alighting those without fare.

4.Two end-on berths are reserved for wheelchair boarding and alighting.

5.I read for hours without alighting on anything that caught my eye.

6.Nearby unused Rongotai airfield provided air traffic control for the alighting area.

7.After a time I felt a delicate oily stream alighting on my forehead.

8.She was alighting from the bus when she fell.

9.It has a habit of landing and turning around almost immediately after alighting.

10.Muddenahalli village is 2 km from this alighting point.

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