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English-Hindi > allegorically

allegorically meaning in Hindi

allegorically sentence in Hindi
1.He resorted to charts on which biblical subjects were allegorically represented.

2.His statue, he said, was meant to be treated allegorically.

3.Or is he speaking allegorically, aiming at a more universal truth?

4.The Catholic Apostolic Church believed that the Bible should be interpreted allegorically.

5.The myths contain philosophical truths which can be interpreted allegorically.

6.Allegorically, the " Purgatorio " represents the Christian life.

7.The tale allegorically recapitulates the story of human life in condensed form.

8.Allegorically, the " Purgatorio " represents the penitent Christian life.

9.Part one contains a rose garden that allegorically represents potential within human existence.

10.Fteris knew this, and he wrote every verse of the song allegorically.

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in an allegorical manner; "the play ended allegorically"

in an allegorical manner; "the play ended allegorically"

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