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amplifiers sentence in Hindi

"amplifiers" meaning in Hindiamplifiers in a sentence
  • One sizable matter remains : amplifier power for that center speaker.
  • Carver Lightstar Reference stereo amplifier ( $ 3, 995 ).
  • He made his tone rough by pressuring his amplifier into distortion.
  • They rely on amplifiers that can send traffic only one way.
  • Take, for example, the amplifiers built into boom boxes.
  • That's rock with the amplifier turned up to 11.
  • Another man gingerly removed his amplifier, tape deck and speakers.
  • The code that turns on my amplifier shut off my TV.
  • More than 32, 000 watts of audio amplifier output power.
  • Amplifiers are used to detect and strengthen low-level signals.
  • Now it is an amplifier of rumor, " Lockhart said.
  • In New York, only musicians with amplifiers must have permits.
  • Not all amplifiers are designed to provide a larger output power.
  • Any real amplifier is an imperfect realization of an ideal amplifier.
  • Any real amplifier is an imperfect realization of an ideal amplifier.
  • In the 2010s, guitar amplifiers usually include a distortion effect.
  • The " TPA " stands for " Transistor Phonograph Amplifier ".
  • Electro String also sold amplifiers to go with their electric guitars.
  • This means that the amplifier can be used much more efficiently.
  • Meters using amplifiers can measure tiny voltages of microvolts or less.
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