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English-Hindi > amputee

amputee meaning in Hindi

amputee sentence in Hindi
1.Was the man who portrayed Lt . Dan actually an amputee?

2.*FINAL DIVE : The skydive by double amputee 1st Sgt.

3.I was happy my son wouldn't become an amputee.

4.We get about five arm amputees a month because of this.

5.Cleland was left a triple amputee by wounds suffered in Vietnam.

6.He became Massey's " only amputee ."

7.Online : Amputees Across America, www . amputeesacrossamerica . com.

8.He was he first double-amputee to summit Mount McKinley.

9.It's the amputees'way of saying thank you.

10.Mine blasts have left an estimated 30, 000 Cambodian amputees.

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someone who has had a limb removed by amputation

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