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analysers sentence in Hindi

"analysers" meaning in Hindianalysers in a sentence
  • Where and refer to three arbitrary settings of the two analysers.
  • Many methods of introducing samples into the analyser have been invented.
  • The monochromator is usually a concentric hemispherical analyser ( CHA ).
  • PSpice later included a waveform viewer and analyser program called Probe.
  • These analysers must also undergo daily, weekly and monthly maintenances.
  • Train captains receive breath analyser tests when they report for duty.
  • The results of the Analyser identify the type of vision defect.
  • See also the editor interaction analyser with other recent socks :.
  • The analyser then enables the light to be transmitted through the isolator.
  • Some analysers require samples to be transferred to sample cups.
  • A parser generator generates the lexical-analyser portion of a compiler.
  • This award formally recognised the excellence of the COALSCAN range of analysers.
  • Rihaan worked as Content Analyser and handled film-editing.
  • A network analyser is needed to view the resonant frequency.
  • The first reference to a Norbar electronic torque analyser is dated 1967.
  • Light traveling in the backward direction becomes polarized at 45?by the analyser.
  • The setting ( orientations ) of the analysers are selected by the experimenter.
  • His first job was providing mathematical analysis for the design of differential analyser.
  • Many analysers perform such analyses automatically or mostly automatically, such as autoanalysers.
  • There are online and offline analysers available for various other types of analytes.
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