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analysis and synthesis sentence in Hindi

"analysis and synthesis" meaning in Hindianalysis and synthesis in a sentence
  • Kelley and Brown argue that design thinking uses both analysis and synthesis.
  • Theoretically, the higher the triangle, the less cost the analysis and synthesis.
  • They get their information not by analysis and synthesis but by sight and hearing.
  • The incongruity of such a mental mixture is evidenced by the poet's analysis and synthesis.
  • Linking DNA results with pedigrees requires analysis and synthesis.
  • Software lines time draws on the possibilities for analysis and synthesis offered by the digital medium.
  • Castronova is clearly providing analysis and synthesis.
  • The preface of "'Book VII "'explains the terms analysis and synthesis, and the distinction between theorem and problem.
  • He posited that time and motion studies combined with rational analysis and synthesis could uncover one piece rates.
  • The annual WMSCI Conference started in Baden-Baden, Germany in 1995 as ISAS ( Information Systems Analysis and Synthesis ).
  • The third one, " Analysis and Synthesis of Single-Input / Single-Output Control Systems ", was published with vdf Hochschulverlag.
  • Herndon, backing  native categories and inductive thinking, distinguishes between analysis and synthesis as two different methods for examining music.
  • As a result, Odum did not restrict his inquiry to the analysis and synthesis of any one system in isolation.
  • A vocoder, a portmanteau of the words voice and encoder, is an analysis and synthesis system, mostly used for speech.
  • The principles of Boolean algebra are applied to switches, providing mathematical tools for analysis and synthesis of any switching system.
  • It performs a daily analysis and synthesis of information relating to terrorism by working closely with the General Directorate of Customs.
  • Through systems analysis and synthesis, we may add, delete, and modify system components toward our goal of improving the overall system.
  • Through scientific analysis and synthesis, students find solutions to environmental problems, which maximize both their academic rigor and sense of community.
  • During the 1930s, as techniques in network analysis and synthesis became better developed, designing ladder filters by image methods became less popular.
  • The fourth of these principles, the principle of maximum power efficiency, takes central place in the analysis and synthesis of ecological systems.
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