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English-Hindi > anathemas

anathemas meaning in Hindi

anathemas sentence in Hindi
1.Such blatant grandiosity is anathema to the nuanced language of diplomacy.

2."Capital investments are anathema, " he said.

3.He emigrated to Kentucky and found his politics anathema to locals.

4.Some of this will be anathema to their Ministry of Defense.

5.Eventually, the Alsups became anathema to the whole community here.

6.Though popular with the public, Powell is anathema to Buchanan.

7.Tate, White and Linda Smith are anathema to organized labor.

8.He supported a tax on tobacco that is anathema to Republicans.

9.The days when decorative was anathema are behind us once again.

10.To summarize the industry view, price controls would be anathema.

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