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anatomic sentence in Hindi

"anatomic" meaning in Hindi
  • As mentioned above, anatomic considerations may also affect procedure times.
  • The urethral diaphragm is an anatomic landmark used in urethral injury.
  • Most of these anatomic and physiologic processes follow a gradual decline.
  • Arms home', " wrote Vesalius of his anatomic exploits.
  • Opening Lines and Anatomic Gift paid rent to Planned Parenthood.
  • Radiologists have long tried to meld anatomic and physiological images.
  • They also show relevant phenotypic ( anatomic ) variations which require explanation.
  • It is used in anatomic pathology as a marker for such tumors.
  • Heterotopic means the displacement of an organ from its normal anatomic location.
  • Being aware of this anatomic variant with preoperative otolaryngological surgeries.
  • Conchae are shell-shaped anatomic structures, including partially enclosed spaces.
  • A sinus is an anatomic term for a more fully enclosed space.
  • Anatomic studies have demonstrated figures of 250-290 for the same.
  • Similarly, the anatomic root is assumed in most circumstances.
  • He still practices anatomic & clinical pathology in San Diego, California.
  • These left-right anatomic abnormalities can also result in congenital heart disease.
  • There is anatomic variation between the hearts of individuals with tetralogy of Fallot.
  • Many areas of clinical pathology overlap with anatomic pathology.
  • He certified in Anatomic Pathology by the American Board of Pathology in 1988.
  • It is currently leased by CBLPath Inc for an anatomic pathology services lab.
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