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English-Hindi > anchovy

anchovy meaning in Hindi

noun plural: anchovies   
anchovy sentence in Hindi
1.Using a fork, mash the anchovies in a small bowl.

2.Add egg substitute, mustard, lemon juice and anchovy fillet.

3.Add croutons, Parmesan cheese and anchovy fillets, if using.

4.The flavor is superior to that of oil-packed anchovies.

5.NOTE : Pork can be replaced with a few dried anchovies.

6.Anchovies also tend to flee to cooler waters during El Nino.

7.Melt butter in small skillet and add anchovy and garlic mixture.

8.3 anchovy fillets, soaked in milk, rinsed, and drained

9.Staples like sardines, octopus and anchovies were hard to find.

10.Like olives and anchovies, Campers are definitely an acquired taste.

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small herring-like plankton-eating fishes often canned whole or as paste; abundant in tropical waters worldwide

tiny fishes usually canned or salted; used for hors d''oeuvres or as seasoning in sauces

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