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English-Hindi > antithrombin

antithrombin meaning in Hindi

antithrombin sentence in Hindi
1.Pittsburgh, functions as an antithrombin ( a related Arg ).

2.The 3-dimensional structure of native antithrombin was first determined in 1994.

3.Fondaparinux binds to antithrombin III and activates the molecule for Factor Xa inhibition.

4.Some in the late stage also show increased antithrombin.

5.Antithrombin is a glycoprotein produced by the liver and consists of 432 amino acids.

6.Antithrombin has been studied in sepsis to reduce diffuse intravascular coagulation and other outcomes.

7.Heparin increases the affinity of antithrombin to thrombin ( as well as factor Xa ).

8.Genzyme Transgenics produces antithrombin III in the milk of genetically modified goats at its farm in Charlton.

9.It finished clinical trials of antithrombin-III for use in certain patients undergoing coronary bypass surgery.

10.Indeed, thrombin inhibition after injury to the aorta has been attributed solely to ?-antithrombin.

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