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English-Hindi > appellee

appellee meaning in Hindi

appellee sentence in Hindi

• अभियुक्त
1.The appellee sought certiorari review from the United States Supreme Court.

2.Appellee had previously been excluded from a distribution of tribal assets.

3.Appellee's counter-affidavit did not deny these allegations.

4.The district court rendered judgment in favor of appellee and enjoined further distributions.

5.A scuffle ensued during which appellee stabbed the victim who fell to the floor.

6.Massachusetts Assistant Attorney General Thomas R . Kiley spoke during oral argument for the appellee.

7.The appellee filed a First Amendment.

8.The defendants were detained in the custody of appellee, United States Marshal James J . Boyle.

9.An appellee is the party to an appeal in which the lower court judgment was in its favor.

10.Richard D ., the respondent and appellee, was the father of the out of wedlock child.

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