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English-Hindi > appendectomy

appendectomy meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ ˌæpin'dektəmi ]  sound:  
noun plural: appendectomies   
appendectomy sentence in Hindi
• आन्त्रपुच्छोच्छेदन
• पुच्छोछेदन
• उण्डुक पुच्छ विच्छेद शल्य क्रिया
• उण्डुकपुच्छोच्छेदन
1.His DL includes an appendectomy and a couple of torn shoulders.

2.An appendectomy in July 2003 sent him in a new direction.

3.OFFENSIVE LINE : Matt Light might be limited after his appendectomy.

4.He also has been slowed by leg injuries and an appendectomy.

5.Pittsburgh Penguins rookie defenseman Stefan Bergkvist underwent an emergency appendectomy Wednesday.

6.Hun Sen recuperated at home from an emergency appendectomy last Friday.

7.Doctors performed an emergency appendectomy on Jenna Bush, a twin.

8.In a tent nearby, doctors performed an appendectomy Tuesday night.

9.Beltre underwent an appendectomy Jan . 12 in the Dominican Republic.

10.Beltre played his second game since returning from a botched appendectomy.

surgical removal of the vermiform appendix
Synonyms: appendicectomy,

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