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English-Hindi > applaudable

applaudable meaning in Hindi

applaudable sentence in Hindi
• सराहनीय
• प्रशंसनीय
1.Venus appears entirely content, and has an applaudable hobby : reading.

2.Beatty's, on the other hand, are as obvious as they are applaudable.

3.But applaudable, uh-uh.

4.It's a gutsy stand, and with a better play, it might have been applaudable.

5.But such comparisons only undermine the applaudable effort at trying to add a little something different to the bland TV landscape.

6."This house must cater to an audience that is starstruck and addicted to applaudable scenery, " he said.

7.What you're doing is applaudable and don't get discouraged .-- Menchi 19 : 18, 13 August 2005 ( UTC)

8.There is a small attempt at makeup effects when Kaufman finds a cancer cyst on his back, but it's hardly applaudable ( and kind of a bummer ).

9.The old version sure offered some scope for improvement so it's sure applaudable to tackle the issue, also several of the changes were applauded in the discussion but others were disputed-most of those were settled in an unilateral decision of User : Jguk.

10.LACAS provides its students with proper educational facilities . Teachers are ordered to stay after school with particular student who has been failing continuosly . LACAS has provided its students with an applaudable sporting range . LACAS football team is one of the best football teams on the local scene today.

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