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English-Hindi > appurtenance

appurtenance meaning in Hindi

noun plural: appurtenances   
appurtenance sentence in Hindi
1.Count Palatine Ebschied along with their attendant forests and other appurtenances.

2.A swagger stick would have seemed, in his hands, a natural appurtenance.

3.This time, we see him without the appurtenances of his wife and children.

4.The hangar measures approximately by and appurtenances cover.

5.LLRTs are performed on containment isolation valves, hatches and other appurtenances penetrating the containment.

6.The action mechanism of a key consists of the key itself and all its appurtenances.

7.All those appurtenances of modernity, as well as air conditioning, now exist in abundance.

8.Austria's politicians, he says, have been attacking his appurtenances of the good life:

9.These were the appurtenances of a time when she was pop music's own cuddly toy.

10.Local artists designed different uniforms and appurtenances for each statue, which were then spread throughout town.

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a supplementary component that improves capability
Synonyms: accessory, supplement, add-on,

equipment consisting of miscellaneous articles needed for a particular operation or sport etc.
Synonyms: gear, paraphernalia,

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