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English-Hindi > argue the toss

argue the toss meaning in Hindi

argue the toss sentence in Hindi
अपरिवर्तनीय निर्णय के बारे में तर्क देना
argue    वाद करना सूचित
the    वही यह वह वही वह
toss    उत्क्षेपण ठेला
1."It's a good thing to see, although some people will argue the toss.

2.I wouldn't have argued the toss if the report had been thrown out on either of those grounds.

3.:Diff of where MangoWong argues the toss about what said at AN3 .-talk ) 07 : 27, 17 September 2011 ( UTC)

4.I suggest that if you are concerned, your time would be better spent in writing the artice than in arguing the toss here.

5.:: : : it appears Citadel48 has no intention of arguing the toss here, and is creating drama at Bougainville Civil War for now.

6.All you've done is argued the toss as if this were a debating society or a palaver with your buddies down at the bar.

7.People seem to take a lot of pleasure in arguing the toss about this, but the article has some rather questionable use of non-free content.

8.Instead of arguing the toss, you could fix the problem : go through your images " before " the bot does and put the rationales in.

9.I've got to say that he is the " only " editor I've seen suspected of sockpuppetry who persistently argues the toss, and in exactly the same way every time.

10.No you're not : you're arguing the toss ( yet again ) about a generally-agreed statement, simply because it doesn't fit your view that the sun shines out of Birmingham's collective arse.

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