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English-Hindi > armored

armored meaning in Hindi

armored sentence in Hindi
• बख्तरबंद
• आर्मर्ड
• कवचधारी
• कवची
• बख़्तरबंद
• कवचयुक्त
• बकतरबंद
1.I never expected there would be an armored car robbery here.

2.Maybe whip up a huge frappe for the First Armored Division?

3.The affiliate makes military optics and weapon mounts for armored vehicles.

4.The big windfall has been felt in the armored car business.

5.Around the corner sat three armored personnel carriers filled with police.

6.Officials for Dunbar Armored Security weren't available for comment.

7.Fayed acknowledged his protective burden by hiring an armored Mercedes limousine.

8.This will help NATO do more to kill armored forces quickly.

9.NATO also hit army barracks and armored forces operating in Kosovo.

10.The troops were escorted through the streets by Australian armored vehicles.

protected by armor (used of persons or things military)
Synonyms: armoured,

used of animals; provided with protective covering
Synonyms: armoured,

equipped with the complete arms and armor of a warrior
Synonyms: panoplied,

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