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asilidae meaning in Hindi

asilidae sentence in Hindi
1.In general the biology of the Asilidae is still poorly known.

2.They also visit Asilidae, Reduviidae, and even Mantodea.

3.With regard to interspecific trophic relationships, there is a large number of reports on the prey captured by Asilidae.

4.""'Blepharotes splendidissimus " "'is a robber fly in the family Asilidae found in Eastern Australia.

5.In contrast to the related and confusingly similar family Asilidae, the vertex between the eyes, tends to be more obvious than in the Therevidae.

6.Part V . Fascicle 3 .-Rhagionidae ( Leptidae ), Therevidae, Scenopenidae, Mydaidae, Asilidae, Lonchopteridae . pp . 199 293.

7.Though they are a very characteristic group for such a large family, the Asilidae may easily be confused with the related and less widely known family Therevidae.

8.Some genera have been found to be monophagic, but more generally the Asilidae manifest a more or less wide polyphagia with behaviors that vary from stenophagia to euriphagia.

9.He was a regular prize winner for his natural history essays, one of which was a treatise on the Dorset Robber Flies ( " Asilidae " ).

10.With regard to feeding behavior, most of the literature gives the larvae of the Asilidae as entomophagous, but there are doubts about the real nature of the trophic regime and its mechanisms.

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