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English-Hindi > assignee

assignee meaning in Hindi

assignee sentence in Hindi
1.This, no doubt, was left to heirs and assignees.

2.The assignee performs duties similar to a trustee under federal bankruptcy.

3.The creditors are the assignee's top priority, not shareholders.

4.Subordinate to Borkowicz were forty county assignees ( starosts ).

5.Assignee accounts tend to differ from normal user accounts in several ways.

6.In November 1941 Kulenovi was named advisor and assignee to the Foreign Ministry.

7.The assignee, once the assignment process is completed, issues a dividend.

8.The assignees of those rights were held to be " mere licensees ."

9.By June 1892 his estate was being wound up by the Official Assignee.

10.In his later years he was an official assignee of bankrupts in London.

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(law) the party to whom something is assigned (e.g., someone to whom a right or property is legally transferred)

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