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English-Hindi > assimilator

assimilator meaning in Hindi

assimilator sentence in Hindi
1.And that was back before electricity made the guitar the great assimilator.

2.An assimilator may also generate more workunits based on the returned data.

3.The results show that the assimilator training is helpful.

4.Bob battles Galdov and escapes, before leading an attack against the Biomech Assimilator.

5.Reformers sought to change their role from civilizers to assimilators when reservation conditions crumbled.

6.The format of assimilators is as follows.

7.He used this gift to break new ground, becoming simultaneously " assimilator, perfector and innovator ".

8.However, with leading " assimilators " now in high places, such a trial seems increasingly unlikely.

9.Next, the "'assimilator "'daemon processes the canonical result using project-specific code.

10.Similarly, in the finance sub-sample, a higher proportion of assimilators and lower proportion of divergers was apparent.

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someone (especially a child) who learns (as from a teacher) or takes up knowledge or beliefs
Synonyms: learner, scholar,

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