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English-Hindi > associateship

associateship meaning in Hindi

associateship sentence in Hindi
1.Other times, conducting duties are part of a teaching associateship.

2.He also holds an Associateship of the UK Chartered Institute of Bankers.

3.He received an Associateship in Design in 2003.

4.He formally resigned his Associateship in 1893.

5.He also has Associateships with The UK Master Photographers Association and the Malta Photographic Society.

6.In 1896 he resigned his associateship in order to concentrate on work in precious metals.

7.All students graduating with the MEng degree are also awarded the Associateship of the ACGI.

8.Appleyard attended Almondbury Grammar School and then was admitted to the George Wills research associateship.

9.He joined The Royal Photographic Society in 1936, gaining his Associateship in 1945 and Fellowship in 1948.

10.:To Associateship are attached no requirements except sincere sympathy with the aims and motives of the Secession.

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the position of associate (as in an office or academy)

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