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assorting sentence in Hindi

"assorting" meaning in Hindiassorting in a sentence
  • He does earn Donald's attention when helping him set up his picnic and assorting his sandwiches for him, but goes unrewarded when it seems so.
  • The engine house of the tinplate works was listed as Grade II * in 1998 while the works chimney, boxing room and assorting room are listed as Grade II.
  • With a number of good men I started the routine work of assorting a few tons of freight in the warehouse, where the victims had found a temporary resting place.
  • NHL commissioner Gary Bettman on the Detroit Red Wings and coach Scotty Bowman being fined a combined $ 85, 000 for violating assorting media regulations : " I'm not sure what other alternative I have.
  • In addition, " Help for the Farmer " offered a list of the agricultural skills women could do : " Ploughing & Cultivating, Thinning, Weeding, Hoeing, Potato planting, Fruit picking, assorting, and packing for market, Mowing, both with scythe and mowing machine, [ and ] Hay raking and pitching ".
  • :Though he never ate meat till he was 14, nor drank till he was 18, yet it was a maxim which he religiously observed that as Ducarel himself often maintained, " he was an " old Oxonian ", and therefore never knew a man till he had drunk a bottle of wine with him . " His entertainments were in the true style of the old English hospitality; and he was remarkably happy in assorting the company he not infrequently invited to his table.

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