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attractive nuisances sentence in Hindi

"attractive nuisances" meaning in Hindiattractive nuisances in a sentence
  • :: : : There are many categories that are attractive nuisances.
  • Such an attractive nuisance may impose a duty of care even towards trespassers.
  • Avoid being distracted by attractive nuisances like editing.
  • I've nominated them for deletion, as they present an attractive nuisance.
  • 3 ) Has been an attractive nuisance to the subject for some four years.
  • However, three separate incidents suggest the situation is a bit of an attractive nuisance.
  • Issues like due care and attractive nuisance and such would apply based on common law.
  • An attractive nuisance as they say.
  • It sat empty and rotting, an unattractive " attractive nuisance " until finally removed in 1974.
  • Since these trespassers are considered " anticipated " they are excepted under the doctrine of attractive nuisance.
  • For people who are not very prominent, Wikipedia biographies can be an " attractive nuisance ".
  • The unused Starlight Bowl theater is falling into disrepair and has been described as an " attractive nuisance ".
  • The category is something of an attractive nuisance, in that people will insist on adding it just because it exists.
  • However, he continued, the home " could become an attractive nuisance " and pose a danger to the curious.
  • The truth is, their place was chock full of things that might be classified as an " attractive nuisance ."
  • The intrigue also has become an attractive nuisance for conspiracy buffs who offer explanations embellished by rumor, fantasy, misinformation and outright paranoia.
  • After touring in 2000 in support of " Attractive Nuisance ", the band's recording contract with Alias Records expired.
  • The album " Attractive Nuisance " appeared in 2000, and was expected by Miller to be the final one for the group.
  • If it is determined that the child was able to understand and appreciate the hazard, the doctrine of attractive nuisance will not likely apply.
  • IMO, this failing on our part makes us an " attractive nuisance ", and would weaken any case that we care to bring.
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