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attractor sentence in Hindi

"attractor" meaning in Hindiattractor in a sentence
  • Invariant sets and limit sets are similar to the attractor concept.
  • If there was no dissipation, would not be an attractor.
  • Traffic analysis zones are also destinations of trips, trip attractors.
  • Zielonka's algorithm is based on the notation of attractors.
  • :Two major attractors for mosquitoes are heat and water vapor.
  • Maybe fish attractors, some newfangled line or reels with multiple gears.
  • Quinn was casting a Turks Tarantula, an attractor fly.
  • The biggest cluster in the observable universe is called the Great Attractor.
  • But what is the best color for a light attractor?
  • He became a kind of attractor around which everybody gathered.
  • Sebastien is a woman-attractor, good-looking and smart.
  • Zeldovich ) is discovery of the " Inflationary Attractor ".
  • Dragon kings are also caused by attractor bubbling in coupled oscillator systems.
  • The attractors only lure ordinary fish and apparently do not appeal to coleacanths.
  • Dried soap in carpet is a superdeluxe dirt attractor.
  • The analysis of attractors focuses on nonresidential land uses.
  • Repeated updates are then performed until the network converges to an attractor pattern.
  • Instead of them, stable oscillations or other types of attractors may appear.
  • The fractal dimension of the attractor increases towards 3.
  • In 1984 Milnor introduced a definition of attractor.
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