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attractive price sentence in Hindi

"attractive price" meaning in Hindiattractive price in a sentence
  • His great problem was to obtain an attractive price for the copper.
  • Bush said Bank of Boston is paying " a very attractive price.
  • Although the Golf City was dated, its attractive price enabled good sales.
  • We believe we can contract at very attractive prices with utility companies.
  • This stranded gas can be liquefied and shipped at very attractive prices,
  • By acting today we have preserved attractive prices for California consumers.
  • The bottom line : houses " at attractive prices and economical terms ."
  • They put extremely attractive price tags on their PCs to lure new customers.
  • You are buying some wonderful businesses through Wesco at a fairly attractive price.
  • The attractive pricing brought it right back up to the forefront.
  • Mercurey is being discovered; don't expect its attractive prices to hold.
  • Analysts said investors had little reason apart from attractive prices to buy stocks.
  • Some analysts are now saying that oil shares have dropped to attractive prices.
  • It expects to step up sales with more attractive price offers.
  • For instance, it offers land lots at very attractive prices and different bonuses.
  • Figure out what is an attractive price for your time horizon.
  • However, the volatility presentsopportunities to buy shares at very attractive prices.
  • Electronic certificates congratulate you on winning a fabulous vacation for an attractive price.
  • The industry has responded with attractive price-cutting and enhanced promotional activities.
  • Likewise, the buyer may be able to acquire these interests at an attractive price.
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