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auriferous sentence in Hindi

"auriferous" meaning in Hindi
  • The host rock here is a carbonate alteration and auriferous silicification.
  • In 1856 auriferous quartz was found on the field &"
  • The auriferous iron sulfide was finely disseminated through the quartz.
  • The island is adjacent to where the highly auriferous Adelong Creek enters the Murrumbidgee.
  • Its auriferous mines were considered the best and the largest in the whole peninsula.
  • Frequently they doubled as goldsmiths and were required to separate auriferous silver from base metal.
  • Columbia, thirty Chinese coins in the auriferous sand, twenty-five feet below the surface.
  • Auriferous quartz veins were subsequently found in surface exposures at the site of the current open pit.
  • The gold and platinum mines of Choc?line some of its confluents, and the river sands are auriferous.
  • This is an auriferous, silicified-decalcified siltstone / mudstone from the Comus Formation ( Lower Ordovician ).
  • In 1545, there was a noted sum of about 1, 500 African slaves seeking auriferous sands in Honduras.
  • Small auriferous quartz veins have been found in the granitic rock, but are too small to pay for mining ."
  • The Durham Mine worked a rich auriferous reef down to the 122m level between 1879 and 1899 and again from 1907.
  • In 1874, following goldfield regulations, a business area was marked out in an area believed to be non-auriferous.
  • The valley of Someul Mare has much auriferous alluvium that, until the early 20th century, were brought to the surface using traditional tools.
  • He examined and reported on the auriferous ( gold-bearing ) rivers, the turquoise mines, the forests and the fossil beds of France.
  • The veins are characterized by quartz, sulphide ( auriferous arsenopyrite ) and native gold ( visible gold flakes have historically been observed in several slate belts ).
  • When the gold had been exhausted, they followed the auriferous seams underground by tunnels using fire-setting to break up the much harder gold-bearing rocks.
  • In 1872 the Durham area, just west of Georgetown, was developed with more than 44 separate auriferous reefs being worked and crushing machinery set up in Georgetown.
  • In past years, exploration efforts have been geared to the testing of narrow quartz veins and the possibility of broader auriferous pods enclosed in altered rock has been neglected.
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