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autotype meaning in Hindi

autotype sentence in Hindi

• स्वप्ररूप
1.Autotype is now part of the Platform Speciality Products group of companies.

2.Macdermid Autotype in Wantage remains one of the few large industrial employers in the region.

3.Autotype may also refer to halftone printing.

4.Such methods lasted until about 1960 using the expensive and extremely complex tri-color carbro Autotype process.

5.Autotype / correction automatically changed it from " s " to " z " when I wrote it.

6.Carbon materials marketing began in 1866 by Joseph Swan which he subsequently sold to the Autotype Company in 1868.

7.Autotype is defined as a " true representation of the original " ( see O . E . D ).

8.The term autotype was coined in the late 19th century and referred to a process for making photographic prints using a carbon process.

9.If you want an income-oriented issue to replace GT Global Government Income, I would use Vanguard GNMA, a fund I have discussed so often my fingers now just go into autotype when the name comes up.

10.Many autotype prints were produced and the process was popular well into the 20th century, particularly since autotype prints are very long lasting ( it is said that an autotype could last up to 500 years without fading ).

an exact copy or reproduction
Synonyms: facsimile,

process for producing permanent prints in a carbon pigment
Synonyms: autotypy,

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