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English-Hindi > aweigh

aweigh meaning in Hindi

aweigh sentence in Hindi
1."Anchors Aweigh " earned him an Oscar nomination.

2.It featured such entertainers as Lt . Anchors Aweigh ".

3."Anchors Aweigh " ( 1945 ) 7.

4.His movie credits include musicals _ " Anchors Aweigh,"

5.The band played " Anchors Aweigh ."

6.Thompson works at Anchors Aweigh, one of the city's beer taverns.

7._" Anchors Aweigh " 1945

8.Anchor's Aweigh in Four Days

9.Then it's anchors aweigh.

10.Shipp was sharing a late-morning pitcher of beer with a friend at Anchors Aweigh.

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(of an anchor) just clear of the bottom
Synonyms: atrip,

(used of an anchor) hanging clear of the bottom; "anchors aweigh"

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