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b-cell sentence in Hindi

"b-cell" meaning in Hindib-cell in a sentence
  • Clinical and survival analysis of primary intestinal diffuse large b - cell non - hodgkin ' s lymphoma
  • Clinical analysis of rituximab combined with chemotherapy in treating aggressive b - cell non - hodgkin ' s lymphoma
  • Dendritic cel1s ( dcs ) are highly potent anigenpresenting cells of bone marrow origin that can stbolate both primary and secondary t - and b - cell responses
  • Zhu p , lin nj , zx , et al . elicited immune response against b - cell lymphoma by mixed immunoglobulin fragments . blood , 2002 , 12 ( suppl ) : 2435
  • Primary laryngeal lymphoma is uaually b - cell type and locates at supraglotticarea , especially at aryepiglottic fold , with intact and nonulcerative overlying musosa
  • The enteropathy shown here has loss of crypts , increased mitotic activity , loss of brush border , and infiltration with lymphocytes and plasma cells ( b - cells sensitized to gliaden )
  • Antibodies are generated from the cutting and splicing of immunoglobulin genes early in b - cell development , and have the potential to develop strong and highly specific affinity for different pathogens
  • It still remains a question whether the rearrangements of igh come from h / rs cell or the background lymphocytes . in this study , we have detected the igh clonal correlation between the h / rs cells and the background cells , from a new aspect to study the clonality of h / rs cell and its relation with the background cells . the expression of b - cell - specific activator protein ( bsap ) was detected in hl . igh gene rearrangements were analysed by the methods including gene analysis in neoplasms tissue and micropicked cells from paraffin - embedded sections , sequencing to test the pcr product , and in situ pcr
  • This modification includes : ( 1 ) selecting two important molecules as candidates , ( 2 ) choosing a promiscuous t - cell epitope , and two b - cell epitopes or conserved amino acid sequences from the two important molecules , ( 3 ) connecting them adequately through analysis by the molecule designing software . therefore , the synthetic new antigen may interfere with the process of fertilization by multiple ways and its contraceptive effects may be enhancing . based on the molecule designing methods , the b - lymphocyte cell epitope of sperm / testis specific protein sp17 and cyritestin which interfere with fertilization in mouse , as well as the promiscuous th cell epitope of the ribonuclease ( rnase ) in bovine were selected
  • Objective the origin and the nature of the hodgkin and reed - sternberg ( h / rs ) cell of hodgkin ' s lymphoma ( hl ) has been attracting a lot of medical researchers engaged in studying it , for its character by scattered large atypical cells residing in a complex admixture of inflammatory cells . great improvement has been made since a new method of isolation of single h / rs cells from a frozen section had been set up by kuppers in 1994 , and many studies have approved of the b - cell derivation of h / rs cell . lt has been reported that h / r - s cells might partly be originated from b - cell in our research before , but at the same time , we also found that only 18 . 8 % of h / rs cells express cd20 , 31 . 3 % of immunoglobulin heavy chain ( igh ) rearrangement have been revealed
  • Conclusion ( 1 ) in our research , frequent expression of bsap in h / rs cell of classical hodgkin ' s disease provides further evidence for its b - cell origin , and the expression of bsap on h / rs cells also can be in favor of the identification of h / rs cells and can distinguish hl from alcl . ( 2 ) expression of bsap is located in nucleoli of cells , while that of cd20 in membrane

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