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English-Hindi > babe in arms

babe in arms meaning in Hindi

babe in arms sentence in Hindi
नवजात शिशु
भोला-भाला व्यक्ति
babe    बालक भोला-भाला
in    अंदर का सत्तारूढ़
arms    आस्तीनें भुजाएँ
1.So while you may not know the musicals " Babes in Arms,"

2."Babes in Arms " and " Meet Me in St . Louis ."

3.The men's side of the Australian draw also has its babes in arms.

4.This season " Encores " is presenting " Babes in Arms,"

5.For " Babes in Arms " in 1937, they wrote " Where or When,"

6.With lyricist Larry Hart, there were such classic shows as " Babes in Arms,"

7."Beau Geste " and " Babes in Arms, " which also starred Judy Garland.

8.Seymour Fleming, a character in the play Babes in Arms, is also called thus.

9.What " Babes in Arms " smells like is springtime.

10."Babes in Arms, " and " Pal Joey ."

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