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English-Hindi > babesia

babesia meaning in Hindi

babesia sentence in Hindi
1.The mitochondrial genome of " Babesia microti " is circular.

2.The genome of " Babesia microti " has been sequenced.

3.The process by which Babesia achieves this is through mutations and natural selection.

4.Franca 1910 is now regarded as a synonym for " Babesia ".

5.Called Babesia microti, the other microbe is a relative of the parasite that causes malaria.

6.Babesia motasi is quite big protozoa.

7.Different species of Babesia are able to withstand the stress of the host's immune system.

8.Vaccines are available on a commercial basis to immunize cattle against " Babesia bovis ".

9.Dogs diagnosed with " Babesia " should be considered permanent carriers of the infection ."

10.Gervais was 69 when the babesia parasite struck him, making him anemic and so weak he could barely walk.

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