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babin sentence in Hindi

"babin" meaning in Hindibabin in a sentence
  • He displayed a letter he received from Babin two weeks ago.
  • Babin says he still bears the scar of a Taser burn.
  • Still, Babin doesn't dispute the benefits of Taser.
  • There are two Assistant Principals : Nicole Elmore and Maria Babin.
  • On 30 August 2007, Babin was loaned to FC Martigues.
  • Babin is running for re-election to a second term.
  • Khanom babin or coconut cake is one of Thai traditional desserts.
  • Indeed, prosecutors said they have no evidence of wrongdoing by Babin.
  • The number impressed volunteer mom, Melanie Babin, however.
  • But Johnson and his lawyers favor less extreme measures, said Babin.
  • Babin also blocked two punts and caught three passes for 35 yards.
  • There is a hotel called " Babin Zub " on the slopes.
  • In July 2015, Babin endorsed Texas Senator Ted Cruz for President.
  • There are two ideas of the history of Khanom babin.
  • As time has passed, it becomes called Khanom babin.
  • "We feel real good about California, " said Babin.
  • His second marriage, to Maria Teresa Babin, also ended in divorce.
  • The company's main designer is Roch Babin.
  • Guy Babin, an RCMP national-security supervisor.
  • Houston ( from Tennessee ), Jason Babin, lb, Western Michigan.
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