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English-Hindi > baby fat

baby fat meaning in Hindi

baby fat sentence in Hindi
बच्चे का मोटापा
baby    प्रेयसी बच्चा
fat    किसी वस्तु का
1.He came here 20 pounds overweight with a lot of baby fat,

2.His baby fat began melting away while he was still a baby.

3.He has replaced baby fat with muscle on his 6-foot-3, 300-pound body.

4.Baby fat is also no longer something children grow out of.

5.Ellis, at 6-6, 338, has turned much of his baby fat to muscle.

6.He has a tendency to carry a lot of baby fat,

7.Too much baby fat and too little coordination kept him on the sidelines.

8.Arquette, with the baby fat burned out of her cheeks, looks the part.

9.Not until he started to lose some of the baby fat.

10.The idea that baby fat always disappears is not always true,

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