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English-Hindi > baby spot

baby spot meaning in Hindi

baby spot sentence in Hindi

लघु पुंजदीप
लघु स्पॉट
baby    प्रेयसी बच्चा
spot    स्थान चित्ती जगह
1.And then I posed naked as Adam with an apple dangling above my head, in really cool Caravaggio lighting with baby spots on my biceps.

2.When the " Greenshroud " is within sight of Redwall, Dibbun babies spot it from the top of a tower, and when their caretaker comes to get them she notices the green-sailed ship on its way.

3.With that, they began calling the baby Spot, a family joke that lasted through early September, when Turner flew to New York to be the host of a big conference at the Windows on the World restaurant on Sept . 11.

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