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English-Hindi > baby-sit

baby-sit meaning in Hindi

verb present participle: baby-sitting   
baby-sit sentence in Hindi
1.The father lends a hand It is not always that parental care devolves exclusively on the mother ; very often the father also lends a hand by baby-sitting , brooding over the eggs or cooperating with the mother in other ways .
पिता भी हाथ बंटाता है हमेशा ऐसा नहीं है कि पैतृर्करक्षण एकमात्र मां के ही ऋमऋ-ऊण्श्छ्ष्-मे है . बहुधा पिता भी बचऋ-ऊण्श्छ्ष्-चों के साथ बैठकर , अंडों को सेने के लिए उन पर बैठकर या दूसरे तरीकों से मां से सहयोग करके उसके काम में हाथ बंटाता है .

work or act as a baby-sitter; "I cannot baby-sit tonight; I have too much homework to do"
Synonyms: sit,

take watchful responsibility for; "I baby-sit the neighbor''s plants when she is out of town"

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