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English-Hindi > baby still

baby still meaning in Hindi

baby still sentence in Hindi

लघु भभका
baby    प्रेयसी बच्चा
still    सन्नाटा अर्क
1.A new baby still manages to do that to her parents.

2.Only one in five babies still receives breastmilk at six months.

3.She is waiting for four babies still to be born.

4.At six months, the baby still lacks physical co-ordination.

5.The carrier, however, can easily be removed with baby still secured.

6.The footage of him, a baby still, in the White House.

7.But even if Madonna wasn't the inspiration, the baby still inspires.

8.Babies still need that contact and comfort.

9."There's two babies still in there ! " she shouted.

10.Despite the laws, most babies still are abandoned illegally, according to recent studies.

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